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Bethune kangsheng public welfare project was successfully completedchongqing

日期:2019-09-06 点击:

On August 1, 2017, the third case of "love support - Bethune kangsheng spinal deformity correction charity project" was successfully completed in the first affiliated hospital of chongqing university. This operation was performed by Dr. Ou yunsheng, a volunteer expert of Bethune foundation's "love supports" project, and professor ou yunsheng, the first affiliated hospital of chongqing university, and his medical team. Shandong kangsheng medical equipment co., ltd. provided the necessary implants and surgical instruments

Professor ou yunsheng and his medical team at the first affiliated hospital of chongqing university are performing surgery on the patient

The child who underwent the surgery was a 10-year-old boy from a poor family in chongqing. Severe scoliosis of the spine compressed the heart and lungs, resulting in limited respiratory function. The physical disease seriously affected the child's normal life. After the operation, the child's lateral curvature has been corrected. Under the careful treatment of the medical staff of the first affiliated hospital of chongqing university, he will fully recover and face the future life with confidence and health.

Preoperative X - ray

   In this operation, shandong kangsheng medical equipment co., LTD., the market value of the implants needed for the funded operation for children exceeded 100,000 yuan, which fully reflects kangsheng's great love for poor children with scoliosis.

    In the future, Bethune public foundation joint shandong comsenz medical instrument co., LTD. "the support of love" project, will continue to choose poverty in southwest and south China area for children with scoliosis by comsenz company donation spinal corrective surgery required implants, Bethune public foundation "the support of love" project volunteer experts provide surgical treatment, to help poor children with scoliosis biggest! Carry forward the great spirit of Bethune, and do real projects in the field of public welfare and charity.