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The fourth case was successfully completedchifeng city, Inner Mongolia

日期:2019-09-06 点击:

On August 4, 2017, the fourth case of "love support - Bethune kangsheng spinal deformity correction charity project" was successfully completed in the second hospital of chifeng city, Inner Mongolia. Chifeng city, the second hospital as the only company in eastern Inner Mongolia minority region cooperation with "Bethune comsenz commonweal project unit, responsible for the surgical diagnosis and treatment, the surgery by Norman Bethune public foundation orthopedic, director of the education committee members at the grass-roots level," the support of love "project volunteer experts, Peking union medical college hospital professor pianfeng cutter, shandong comsenz medical instrument co., LTD funded needed in implant surgery.

"Support of love - Bethune kangsheng spinal deformity correction charity donation project" launching ceremony

Bethune orthopedics public welfare project designated hospital listing ceremony site

On the morning of August 4, 2017, the launching ceremony of the "Bethune kangsheng love support" project and the listing ceremony of the designated hospital of "Bethune orthopedics charity project" of the second hospital of chifeng city, Inner Mongolia were held in the conference room of the inpatient building. It marks that Bethune public welfare foundation, together with shandong kangsheng medical equipment co., LTD. 's "love support" project, will continue to help poor patients with scoliosis in the minority areas of Inner Mongolia, dispel pain and restore health. Carry forward the great spirit of Bethune, and do real projects in the field of public welfare and charity.

"Support of love - Bethune kangsheng spinal deformity correction charity donation project"

Project background and definition:
     Currently, there are about 3 million scoliosis patients in China, and 400,000 to 500,000 new cases are found every year, among which idiopathic scoliosis is frequent and female patients are more than male patients. About 10% of patients need surgical treatment because scoliosis Angle is greater than 40° or conservative treatment such as wearing braces is ineffective.
   To inherit and carry forward the great spirit of Bethune, help and encourage the professional doctor diagnosed for scoliosis deformity orthodontic treatment of the patients need to adhere to the scientific persistent treatment to achieve significant curative effect, reduce the patients pain disease, reduce the family economic burden, Bethune public foundation for "humanitarian, responsibility, sharing" for the purpose, adhere to the policy of national precision for poverty alleviation, precision medical, with shandong comsenz medical instrument co., LTD., jointly established "the support of love - Norman Bethune, comsenz spinal deformity correction love donations to public welfare projects". The project of shandong comsenz Bethune public foundation medical instrument co., LTD to donate scoliosis deformity correction surgery fixation implants, performed by the Bethune public foundation set up a dedicated project team is responsible for the management work, on the basis of project hospital doctors professional medical diagnosis and public welfare donation process, free use of recipient of people, designed to reduce medical costs for patients with scoliosis deformity their families, and help more patients with scoliosis deformity recovery, let them get more lasting and effective medical treatment.

Time and place:
Starting and ending time: from December 2016, the project is expected to end in three years.
The project involves Beijing, Inner Mongolia, liaoning, heilongjiang, jilin, shaanxi, gansu, hubei, jiangxi, zhejiang, shanxi, henan, hebei, shandong, guizhou, sichuan, chongqing, fujian, guangdong and other areas.
Project designated hospitals: 55 hospitals will be determined in the initial stage
Donation contents:
(1) contribute to 100 eligible patients at the beginning of the project;
(2) each patient donated free scoliosis implant worth RMB 50,000 yuan, with a total value of RMB 5 million yuan;
(3) the scoliosis deformity correction surgery implant spinal posterior screw rod fixation system (common name: Legerity5.5 system), is by the shandong comsenz medical instrument co., LTD., independent research and development, and has full intellectual property rights of internal fixation implants, the implant approved by the state food and drug supervision and administration of China administration (the food drug safety machinery: approved by the 2014 no. 3460377), special orthopaedic surgery in the treatment of spinal deformity scoliosis.